The Artist


Once upon a time there lived an exemplary example of a socially awkward misfit; it also happened to be a child. As it grew it became more and more-so awkward; slipping and sliding out of first one label and then the next, and so forth.

And by and by it grew up—not into a swan, but into a socially awkward duck. Real life just refuses to bow to the dictates of fiction, sadly.


  • Leo

    32 y/o

  • INTP

    Introverted Intuitive Thinking Perceiving

  • LGBT+

    Genderqueer Ace

  • Self-Taught Artist

    Mostly, anyway.

Hello, I am Casey. And I draw. Things.

I am a artist by hobby rather than trade, and I think I probably prefer it that way. I'm the sort of person who dislikes their hobbies when they become stressful. So doing this full time would probably ruin it for me :c

That said, it doesn't mean that I'm completely lazy about it. Nevermind it means that exactly, I am such a slacker.

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